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Powerful and Noble Charm of Delicate Details; "Clivia Seating Group"

The attractive and inviting texture of chestnut wood gained a noble stance with high comfort and stylish materials. Clivia is more than one step to create contemporary spaces intertwined with nature without leaving ecological life.


Material; The material that makes up the wooden part of our product;

It is produced from first class kiln-dried Ireko timber material, which is resistant to all harsh weather conditions such as moisture, wind, rain, snow and sun, since it does not produce bacteria thanks to the oil it contains.

Maintenance; Our products are produced using natural wood.

Since wood is a living, natural and unique material, chemical substances should be avoided in the maintenance of our products.

It can be used for many years by easily performing general care with a lint-free damp cloth.

The color of the Iroko tree will darken and settle over time, depending on your area of ​​use.

Once a year, it gets its old color with fine sandpaper and oiled with teak oil.

Suggestions; It is recommended that our products are not left under direct sunlight, rain, snow and dew, kept in a closed area when not in use or protected with a water-resistant cover in order to preserve the appearance and durability of our products for many years.

Triples Sofa205 cm90 cm84 cm
Doble Sofa138 cm90 cm84 cm
Single Sofa73 cm90 cm84 cm
Middle Coffee Table120 cm70 cm47 cm
Scheduled Delivery: 20 February 2022 - 22 March 2022
Delivery and Installation
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Clivia Sitting Group (3 + 2 + 1 + Coffee Table)

2.100,00 €
Powerful and Noble Charm of Delicate Details; "Clivia Seating Group"

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- Scheduled Delivery: 20 February 2022 - 22 March 2022

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