Furniture Shipment Abroad

DivonaHome, affordable home furniture, garden and balcony furniture, carpets and logistics companies with which we are contracted, together with European countries, now provide guaranteed and insured smooth delivery to all countries of the world.


Wherever you are, you can order from our DİVONAHOME address.


You can make your payments through DİVONAHOME with 3D Secure service and the world's leading payment systems company İYZİCO infrastructure, with wire transfer, credit and debit card, and cash payment options.

Shipping price varies according to product dimensions and specifications.


For shipping cost and +90 539 497 1702 you can get information via our WhatsApp line.


Furniture shipments from Turkey to abroad have increased recently. Due to the fact that the furniture in Turkey is both high quality and affordable in price, the demand for furniture in Turkey has increased. Due to the short term time in many regions of Europe, furniture is transferred quickly. After all everything is set, the delivery time will be delivered between 7 and 15 days according to the region for Europe. Our company keeps this time in a shorter time with specialized logistics companies that it has agreed with. Our company, which cares about customer satisfaction, quickly and safely transmits thousands of products on our site to regions abroad.


We ensure that all our products are packaged in the best way and brought to your home without any problems.


You can contact our customer service numbers below and our expert sales representatives from our whatsapp line, if you want, you can create your order together.

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